"Level boarding means a safer, easier experience for everyone. It would allow me to travel independently without anxiety over whether I'll be left on the train, and without the need to book ahead. I'll finally be able to use trains like everyone else, which will be immensely liberating"
profile picture of Jon Rey-Hastie
Dr Jon Rey-Hastie
Chair of the Campaign for Level Boarding
“It's absurd that we continue to buy and run trains that embed dependency and risk in their design. Disabled people want to travel independently where possible. Level boarding not only brings that ideal closer but it makes everyone's journey easier and safer. This is a win for everyone".
profile picture of Alan Benson
Alan Benson
Campaign member and Chair of Transport for All
“The railway industry and the Department for Transport have waited too long to take action to resolve the risks at the platform train interface. Not only does this mean that disabled passengers – or indeed those with buggies or luggage – have a dreadful experience when getting on or off trains, but we are risking people’s lives for the sake of not setting that interface to a set of rules agreed long ago. I don’t think it is unreasonable to aspire to solve that problem.”
profile picture of Gareth Dennis
Gareth Dennis
Campaign member and railway engineer
I’m delighted that such a strong group of people have come together to campaign and provide positive solutions for step free access. This is really important for disabled people to be able to access the same services as everyone else. I share a sense of frustration with everyone who just wants to be able to get on and off a train and interact with friends, get to work and be part of society.
Portrait of Tanni Grey-Thompson
Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE
Campaign member, Life Peer and Former Paralympic Athlete